Throughout my time at Skidmore College, I have completed various projects for different business classes. Please explore and enjoy!

My Work


Skidmore-Saratoga Consulting Partnership (SSCP)

Throughout the semester, I consulted iRun Local (a Saratoga Springs-based running store) to provide strategic business recommendations to help improve market share, sales and overall business operations. Recommendations varied from hiring an intern, changing POS systems and forming partnerships with other local businesses. I delivered a 1-hour presentation and detailed 100-page deck to the clients at the end of the semester. 

Brand and Market Communications – Key Sparkling Water

Over a 3-week period, I created two brand positioning strategies for Key Sparking Water. I completed extensive research and positioned Key Sparkling Water as a healthy beverage alternative with the perfect amount of carbonation and as an alcohol alternative. I created a key message, tagline and creative executions for both strategies, which were later presented to the founders of the company.

Brand and Market Communications – The Wild Center

Over a 3-week period, I created a brand positioning strategy for The Wild Center and their Youth Climate Program. The Wild Center is a science and education center located in the heart of the Adirondacks. I completed extensive research and positioned The Wild Center as the only climate education program focused on hope for the future. I created a key message, tagline and creative executions, which were later presented to various members of The Wild Center and branding executives.

Sustain, Prototype and Play

In this class focused on promoting sustainability in business, I created a sustainable alternative to an existing product. I designed a clear bag with reusable vinyl inserts, so consumers can purchase one bag, instead of many, for different occasions and activities. “Chameleon Bags” are made with sustainable materials and encourage customers to move away from fast fashion. I researched the target market and total addressable  market, along with creating a detailed marketing and pricing plan. 

Introduction to Business and Organization Management

Throughout the semester, I proposed a new strategy that would increase Beyond Meat’s revenue and operating income by 10% over 5 years. I suggested opening “Beyond Meat Kitchens” at various university student centers across the country. The strategy was presented to a panel of executive judges from different industries.