My Passions

Field Hockey 

Field hockey has been my passion since 2014. I was a four year varsity player in high school and am now a two year consecutive captain in college. Field hockey has helped grow my leadership skills, dedication to hard work, motivation to succeed and commitment to team work.


Award winning photographer. Photography has given me an appreciation for the beauty in everyday things and given me a way to express myself creatively. By studying photography, I’ve expanded my artisitic vision and learned to play with light and color. I’ve also expanded my skills by learning to operate a camera and make edits to photographs. 

Volunteer Work

Working with underprivileged children in different capacities has greatly impacted my life. I gained a truer sense of community and commitment to ensuring everyone has the same opportunities. My life has been enriched by the wonderful children I’ve met. 


Travel has been the greatest gift and has helped me be more inquisitive, more knowledgeable and more open-minded. I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively including throughout the U.S., Europe, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Peru, the Caribbean and Hawaii. Each trip has given me new understanding and grown my navigational, logisitical, communication and interpersonal skills. Travel has also made me determined to help make the world a better place.